Fri. Jan 24th, 2020


National Grammar School Nike has emerged champions of the 2010 Shell Cup competitions for all the secondary schools in Enugu state. The Nike boys who represent Enugu zone defeated Comprehensive High School Udi -Abia, representatives of Udi zone by four goals to nil.

Although National Grammer School, (N. G . S) Nike defeated (Comprehensive High School (C.H.S) Udi/Abia; sports analysts feel that C.H.S., Udi/Abia performed creditably. They creditably exhibited mastery of the game but tuck was against them. Infact it was fatigue which took the better haLf of C.H.S, Udi/Abia at the second haLf that Led to the collapse of their defence and the goat started pouring in.

Prior to the match C.H.S., Udi/Abia played with Community Secondary School Oduma, representing Awgu zone, a match that started at 1 :00pm and ended at about 2:30pm. It ended four goats to two in favour of C. H.S, Udi /Abia. Shortly after, at 4:00pm C.H.S. Udi/Abia went back into the pitch with NationaL Grammar School, Nike, only losing four goats to nil to N.G.S, Nike.

Even, the chairman of the Post Primary Schools Management Board Enugu, Chief Princess (Mrs) SteLta O.U Ngwu who took the kick off noted that the timing was bad because no team could finish a match and go back to the pitch for another crucial match within an hour and expected to perform wonders.

Before the two teams came up for the finals, N.G.S, Nike defeated Royal Crown Academy, Nsukka which represented Nsukka zone by 3 goats to 1,while C.H.S,
Udi/Abia defeated Community Secondary School Oduma by 4 goals to 2.

Earlier in the preliminaries Comprehensive Secondary School Udi/Abia defeated Aji High School, which represented Obollo Afor zone by four goals to 1 ,while N.G.S, Nike defeated Union 5.5., Awkwunanaw, which represented Agbani zone by 4 goals to 2.

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