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A Working definition of ethics by educationists says “being ethical in the classroom means considering the responsibility we have to students and the society and how we fulfil those obligations”.

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary has it that “ethics are moral behaviour. principles that controL or with belief influence a persons rightorwrong.”

To teach, especially in schools means to give lessons to students in a school, college, etc., to help them to (earn something by giving them information about it.


Teaching as an activity can be described as moral about what is profession because, in general terms, it reflects the Intentional effort to be effective in his impact of influence another human being for good rather than for a bad purpose. A teacher has to make another human being change in phases from junior primary schooL to senior primary schooL and from junior secondary school to senior secondary through tertiary institution etc. His mental and physical age also change until he is able to be independent of teachers and parents.

Teaching is. a human relationship (dealing with human beings) connecting the teacher and the Learner.
Professional ethics of the teacher challenges the teacher in the following qualities:-
a. Being patient with the learner (reference to tow IQ troublesome, an inattentive, slow learner.)
b. Being attentive to students Listening to their problems and observing their movements.
c. Being open minded to the Learner (freedom of expression) asking questions
d. Teachers being respectful to their needs viz: (physical needs, emotional and psychological etc).

In all these situations a teacher applies his knowledge of individual differences in psychology of education to solve these problems. When a teacher
does all these he can be said to be guided by ethical principles and therefore may
knowledge to the students. Ethics of teaching profession calls attention to teachers conduct in the classroom teaching, his character, understanding and the knowledge he wants to impact learners.

It is important to say that if a teacher fails to make a reasonable impact on students in his intelLectual and moral behaviour, considering the number of years of teaching experience, that teacher has faiLed as a teacher. So he has not been an effective teacher. it is nearly everything a teacher does while in contact with 1. the students that canies moral weight.

A good teacher is guided by 2. the ethical values of the “Golden Rule” in his daily existence as a school teacher. 3. For exampLe, a teacher has sent his chiLd to a better 4. school other than where he is teaching; the teacher’s V expectation to the teachers in his child’s school is very high. The teacher should aLso 5. do unto others what he expects from others as well. As the saying goes, ‘what is good for the geese is also good for the gander.’ It is a general beLief that when you teach another child with honesty, it Wilt reflect on your own child as well.

The way the teacher conducts his daily practice of teaching with honour, diLigence, fairness and compassion wiLt actually determine his Level of effectiveness. It is therefore true to say that ethics and teaching are unavoidably interwoven because it is that moral principle that guides a teacher to achive his goal as a teacher.

Ethics in teaching demands that for teachers to be effective, they should always appeal to the conscience of the students to achieve their desired goat in Life. This wilt make the students to remain focused. At this point it is important to highLight some unethical conducts of teachers that can militate against teacher effectiveness both in and outside the classroom:
Ignoring a student who is cheating in an examination.
Teaching a class without being adequately prepared for work.
Teaching in a classroom with so much noise.
It is unethical for a teacher to shoe down a student w wants some clarification the Lesson taught.
It is unethical for a teacher Ignore students not serious with their studies and students who are immoral of undisciplined.

It is unethical for a teacher to collect gifts from a student and score him high in examination. So If you find yourself as a teacher, put in your very best in the all, round development of the child. God will bless you in return for this great job.

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