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Prince Maduabuchi akpa

Prior to the appointment of Prince Maduabuchi Alex Akpa as the Chairman of the Post Primary Schools Management Board Enugu, the Board has been grappling with a lot of problems. Some are manmade while others are natural. These problems definitely took their toll in the life of the board.

Some of the man-made problems include lack of seats and tables thereby denying the staff a comfortable accommodation to work in. others include incessant stealing in the offices.  This was caused by the porous nature of the compound as well as the offices. The compound was not fenced;some of the office keys and windows were damaged thereby creating field way for easy passage.
It, of course needs to be stated that the’ major natural problem is the erosion problem.

It also needs to be stated that in the years gone by payment of burial rites for any dead staff is a matter of day dreaming to family of the deceased as it takes years before payment is made.Even when officials of the board go on supervision of schools and the Principals complain of trespass on the school compound, the official would advise the principal to fence the school. In such cases, what principals normally ask is, from where would they get the money to fence it, knowing that any collection outside the approved fees is illegal collection. The penalty of which is removal as principal or surcharge.

However, when Prince Akpa took over as chairman of the board, he told principals that he Would have no course to discipline them if he does not provide the facilities needed at the board first. But maintained that he would lead by example.

Today, Prince M. A. Akpa has proved that he is a man of his word. The board has been fenced and with a giant gate too. Seats have also been provided to the staff. Secondly, too, payment of burial rites are now easy to come by.

Apart from the above, the staff are monthly being motivated withmonthly  being motivated with monthly merit award to outstanding members of staff in the following categories. Junior category S.G.L. 01-06. Intermediate category S.G.L. 07 to 12; and Senior category S.G.L. 13 and above. Each Awardee goes home with a purse.

Prior to his tenure, it used to be once a year but on departmental basis.

Speaking on the cost implications of the fencing of the board, painting of the entire ten buildings of the board as well as the provision of chairs, Prince Akpa stated that it took a lot of money.

The project was done through direct labour; but was supervised by the Science and Technology Department of the board.

In terms of welfare of the board members and staff, Prince Akpa has indeed done his best. He has provided four (4) 505 salon cars for the members and two (2) buses for general use. In addition, the Akpa led administration has placed order for two 608 buses that will be used purely as staff  buses. He also stated that the buses will be conveying  the board’s staff to and fro two designated centers. The staff in turn shall pay for fueling and monitor repairs of the buses.

The chairman, however, praised principals of schools saying that they are all men and women of integrity. He further stated that his board has given them the enablement to perform to their best adding that Enugu State government is one of the new states that has promoted principals to salary grade level 16. And are working towards promoting them to salary grade level 17 in no distant time.

On the U.B.E. programme, the chairman stated that the government has disarticulated schools and appointed principals to head the junior secondary schools. He further maintained that in the appointment, his board maintained a geographical spread across the 17 local government area of the state; basing the selection on seniority and credible records.

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