Fri. Jan 24th, 2020


The Chimaroke Nnamani administration will never be forgotten by teachers in Enugu State especially the staff of the Post- Primary Schools Management Board.

The administration brought a remarkable change in both the educational sector and the welfare of teachers in Enugu State.

Your Excellency, your government believes so much in the teachers and that is why you have done so much for them just to make sure you put smiles on their faces.
You did the following for the teachers of the Post- Primary Schools Management Board Enugu.
• Recruited over two thousand teachers.
• Promoted over one hundred and fifty teachers to grade level 16 with a firm promise to advance them to grade level 17.
• Prompt release of promotions with positive motivational impact and service delivery.
• Appointed over one hundred and thirty (130) principals tq head- the disarticulated schools in line with the national policy of the Universal Basic Education Programme.
• Teachers’ salary is no longer in arrears.

• Never welded the big axe- on any staff in the education sector in line with your poverty reduction programme.
• Approval for the purchase of buses for effective supervision of teaching and learning in schools.
• Innovation in appointing serving principals to head the Post-Primary Schools Management Board.
• Making funds available for the fencing and facelift of RP.S.M.B. headquarters, the first time ever since the creation of Enugu State.

Realising that education is the bedrock of rapid economic development you also made all the necessary investment to ensure prompt take off of the Universal Basic Education in Enugu State. You made funds available for the rehabilitation and equipment of schools to accommodate the anticipated increase in enrollment. The Post-Primary Schools Management Board Enugu was allocated N50 million in this year’s budget to enable it perform its duties within the year.

Science and Technical Schools were supplied with equipment worth over N80 million while renovation, rehabilitation of secondary schools and construction new ones got the sum of N100 million.

Your interest in the reduction of poverty among the people of Enugu State led to your discovery of the solution to poverty which lies in Science and Technology based education. For this reason you established the Enugu State College of Education (Technical) to train Science and Technical teachers who will eventually teach the Secondary, Science and Technical Schools in Enugu State.

And for all these and more, we say Thank you Governor Chimaroke Nnamani and; To God be the Glory

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